Footings, Basements

JJ & A’s excavation, earthwork, trenching, tunneling, digging, dredging, site development, and underground work all serve to ready the foundation. In this process, we clear away any vegetation or large rocks on the land. Bushes and trees often prove to be major obstacles in the early stages of a construction project. Remember, even if a tree isn’t necessarily in the way, its roots can become an issue years down the road, so it’s important to be thorough in the inspection and lot clearing stage of work.

 Next, the land needs to be graded. How deep we dig will depend on several factors, such as the type of foundation and whether there will be a crawl space or a basement. Slab, basement, or crawlspace foundation requirements will differ, with the process taking anywhere from three days to three weeks. Whatever the case, the process of excavating and laying a foundation is a critical phase of construction and cannot be overstated. The JJ & A team takes the time to ensure your foundation is built to last, beginning by methodically excavating to include the following steps along the way:


  • Setting Corner Benchmarks
  • Surveying Ground and Top Levels
  • Excavation to the Approved Depth
  • Dressing Loose Soil
  • Marking Up the Cut Off Level
  • Construction of Dewatering Wells and Interconnecting Trenches
  • Marking the Boundaries of the Building
  • Construction of Protection Drains

About this Process

Generally speaking, the total cost of your septic system installation is dependent on the conditions of current waste lines and the soil where the septic tank is installed as well as the scope and requirements of the lot clearing process. As a licensed and certified contractor, JJ & A Construction has earned a 5-Star reputation throughout the northwest Georgia community, specializing in: 

  • New Septic System Installation
  • Drainfield Repair, Installation
  • Footings, Basements
  • Lot Clearing 
  • Driveway Hauling and More

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    Client Testimonials

    "I’ve used JJ &A for several grading projects, they are always professional and are always on time. My clients are always very pleased with their job and how neat they leave their yard. They communicate every little detail with you and make sure you are satisfied with their job. Thank you JJ&A for your professionalism."
    Zulema Simpson

    "Yesterday, despite the bad weather, that is to say with a lot of cold and air from early in the morning, they began to work on the problem of the septic system in my house, the purpose was prepared thanks to the experienced of JJ & A Construction. I am very happy and pleased with the tremendous job they preformed."
    Lourdes Vigil

    "Found and repaired in the basement a leak on the wall and repaired by digging, cleaning, and patching the wall. I’m very pleased with their service. They rerouted the water flow away from the house to prevent future issues.
    They were on time and friendly. Will definitely use again and recommend to anyone."
    Connie Salazar

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